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1961 Mr J. Cale , 12/__/61, Goldsmith's College, London, England - Participated in class concert and composed settings for two poems by Laurie Lee

John Cale Comes Alive is a second live album by John Cale released in September 1984 on ZE Records label after the previous album Caribbean Sunset (also 1984). It was recorded at The Lyceum in London at 26 February 1984. [3] It also includes two studio recordings "Ooh La La" and "Never Give Up". The album has not been released on compact disc or digital format . The US release has different versions of both studio tracks compared to the European version.

John Cale - Honi SoitJohn Cale - Honi SoitJohn Cale - Honi SoitJohn Cale - Honi Soit