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The Sire label was run by Seymour Stein.

It was initially distributed by London in the 97000 series from 1968 to 1970. The label was the same generic design that London was using for its distributed labels (., Deram, Threshold), which was white with a colored horizontal bar going through the center hole. Above that was the logo inside a horizontal rectangle, with a reversed-out script London logo underneath it in another rectangle. The Sire label was purple and turquoise on white, and the Sire logo itself featured a rampant lion next to "Sire" spelled out in Old English display type. Sire then left London and was distributed by Polydor Records' American division; there, it adopted the now-familiar yellow-orange label with the deep blue S logo at the top.

By 1971, distribution was taken over by Famous Music, then ABC. The label was yellow with black print, with a circular "S" logo in a circle, with blue on the left of the "S" and purple on the right.

In 1977, the distribution shifted to Warner Brothers, with the label design remaining the same as with Famous/ABC.

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Ronnie Hawkins is a rockabilly singer who may be more famous for his backup musicians than his own music. His backup group from the early 1960s, The Hawks, evolved into The Band.  His two most sought after albums have never been issued on CD, until now. What makes these albums so special is the guitarist on both albums is Duane Allman.  Ronnie Hawkins was originally issued on the Cotillion label in 1970. Along with Duane Allman, it also features King Biscuit Boy and Eddie Hinton.

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You can measure opportunity with the same yardstick that measures the risk involved. They go together. –  Earl Nightingale

The team retrieve the car and send various parts of it to Tower employees to compensate for their lost pensions. As Josh is led to his cell, a satisfied smile slowly forms on his face.

Developed for television by Larry Gelbart, the series departed in some respects radically from the film and book. The character of Duke Forrest was dropped altogether (primarily because the actor Tom Skerritt turned down the role), and Hawkeye became the center of the MASH unit's medical activity as well as the dramatic center of the series itself. In the book and the film, the Chief Surgeon had been "Trapper" John McIntyre; in the series, Pierce had that honor. In the book and the film, Hawkeye had played football in college (Androscoggin College, based on Hornberger's alma mater Bowdoin College); in the series, Alda's Hawkeye was hardly the football-champ type and even seemed proud of it and reveled in it, while his cohort Wayne Rogers' Trapper looked sturdy enough to have played football. He seemed to resemble Groucho Marx, with his quick wit and "madcap" antics, sometimes even affecting a Groucho-like schtick.